Monday, September 28, 2009

What I learned last week. #6

I learned that shipping supplies from Staples are half the price if you order online and pick up at your store. Seriously.

I learned that it is impossible to buy small quantities of real chenille "dots" or wired chenille for veils. There are approximately 2 websites that sell them in the world and both have outrageous minimums and shipping charges. True story.

I learned that there is a sticky situation when you are between not being able to afford bulk but selling to many of your product to not buy in bulk. a.k.a. : you run out of stuff....A LOT.

I learned that out of necessity you will come up with ways to keep things in order. Don't waste a lot of time trying to force it, it will happen on its own.

I learned that returning supplies to the craft store instead of just saying "oh well it didn't work for this project but I'm sure i will use it later" is much more satisfying than ending up with more supplies than you have storage for.

I learned that USPS first class mail to your own state isn't as solid as you would think. Thank you, post office, for helping me to stress a Bride out and force her into a non veiled wedding.

On that note I learned that if someone wants something with expedited shipping...make them pay for priority, even if they live in your own state.

I learned a lot this week!!

What did you learn?

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  1. Oh man, that sounds FREAKIN' STRESSFUL! yeesh. But Great tips, though. Stupid postal system.

    Ah well. this week will be great, wait and see! (i keep telling myself this, hoping it will be true)

  2. I learned that making shipping boxes really pretty make customers super happy.

    I learned that shipping something to Brazil isn't as expensive as I thought.

    I learned that your packaging, "how-to" kit and veils are a great purchase and I'm so happy to have supported you in this etsy endeavor!

  3. SD - Thanks! Have you made your veil yet? I havnt gotten any feedback yet as to how easy people found them.

    I think making your shipping boxes pretty is a totally great key to making people happy. I recently ran out of my cool polka dotted tape and am using silly colored duct tape which isn't as nice...But i cant find patterned packing tape anymore!

    Fresh- This week WILL be a great week! Sorry to hear that you were sick :(