Tuesday, September 08, 2009

What I learned last week. #4

What did i learn last week?

  • I learned that in CA getting your sellers permit is just the first step. That once you have said sellers permit you then need a tax ID which means you need to pay your first tax initiation fees which are not cheap. I learned that even f you work from home and sell online you still have to pay higher zoning fees if you live in a neighborhood like mine. So what I really learned is why people keep their small businesses illegal.
  • I learned that headbands are my biggest seller and that I need to make more...soon.
  • I learned that rotary cutting blades do not help my craft in the least.
  • I learned that bead shops have way cheaper Swarovski Crystals.
Good morning, Good week, I'll blog to you soon!

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  1. Geez, I'd be an underground shop for sure! I do LOVE your headbands, and your veil kits are supercool!
    Watchout for those rotary cutters! My aunt cut herself, like, really really badly with one, while quilting.

  2. yah, I'm tying to be a good citizen but man they sure do make it tough in this state!

    yah I'm kind of scared of my rotary cutter!