Thursday, September 24, 2009

My To-do List

  • Go to the DMV (booo)
  • Go to Joann Fabrics & Micheal's for a few supplies
  • Figure out how to make wired chenille
  • Go pick up shipping supplies order at Staples
  • Go to Post Office
  • Finish 2 Custom Jobs
  • Post the dotted Veils on Ebay
  • Take pictures of new clips on Head & all of the hair attachment options
  • Set up a new level on worm composting bin
  • Email Misery Kid guys
  • Call Mom
  • Call t-mobile
  • Write Landlord back
  • Pack up 3 orders

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  1. Good grief, you sound busy! Success keeps you busy, no?

  2. aaaaahhhhh today has gotten crazy!

    Yah, now i know why "supplies" sellers do well on etsy and are hated in general. Once you can sell the things that are hard to find you have a winner. Lord almighty!