Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Help for the Helpless Bloggers

Ok so this morning I somehow came across the idea of "Site Maps" and Verifying your site (blog) with Google and all this other stuff I had never heard of. I thought that my Google Base and Google Analytic's were enough...Nope.

As a side note, you do not need to do this for your etsy page. Hopefully one day we WILL be able to, but not yet. You can do this for your blogs and any other website you may have.

So here is what Ive learned...

Step One

Step Two
  • Click the link called "Verify This Site"
  • Now you will see a "Meta Tag" which looks something like this:

  • Select and copy the entire tag beggining with <>

Step Three (For any web site you own)
  • In a new window go to your site
  • Find where you can edit your HTML sometimes known as your "Template HTML"
  • *For Blogger go to "layout" and then "html"
  • Look through your code to find your "Head" marks which will be inside these: < >
  • You want to paste the "Meta Tag" code before your end head mark which has this mark before the word head: < / >
  • Example:

  • Save your Edits

Step 4
  • Go back to your Google Webmaster Tools page where you were verifying your site
  • Click Verify
  • If you put the code in the right place Google should find it quickly!

When I figure out the "site maps" issue, i will post about that as well.

Good Luck!

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