Friday, September 04, 2009

Introducing: DIY Birdcage Veil Kits

I am really excited about this new addition to my shop. DIY kits! For now I only have DIY Birdcage veils going up but soon I would like to start doing fascinator kits as well.

I know that sooo many brides, including myself spend hours trying to figure out what kind of veil material to buy, where you order it from, what is a good price, what color do i need...etc. etc. etc.

So I made a easy peasy kit. You get 18 inches of high quality netting, a needle, 6ft of clear thread, instruction and the buyers choice of hair attachment (comb, bobby pin, etc.).

So Check them out!

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  1. that kit looks peasier than it does easy!

  2. what makes you say that? It is very easy! In fact there are only 4 steps.

  3. How cool! I'll take one in light blue, and I'll wear it when I vist Mayberry. :-D

    I won't be a bride for quite a while, but I can dream right?

  4. I'd like to eventually include alternatives to the birdcage veil so that non-brides wont feel funny about wearing them. For example pouf veils in bright colors on a headband would be awesome to just wear to a party!

    Fresh, do you do reviews when people send you things? Perhaps i could send you a kit and you can review if its easy or hard (hopefully easy, lol).

    By the way- My husband is Celiac too. We are almost 100% gluten free in our house but I still hold on strong to my cereal and occasional glutenous bread...