Monday, September 21, 2009

What I learned last week. #5

This past week or two has been pretty fantastic sales wise. Listing the DIY kits has done wonders for my shop! So what did I learn?

1. There really is a magic number of items in your shop that helps drive traffic. I had boosts when i hit 50 products, 80 products and then 90+. Between 98-101 has been pretty good to me!

2. For every 1 tough and annoying custom job there are 5 awesome ones.

3. Buying a small postal scale to get the exact weight of my packages really will save me money.

4. Sometimes its really hard to find time to sit down and make more of what you sell!

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  1. Go 10eisha,
    selling stuffs,
    Go Teneisha! Go Go..

    It would have a lot more impact if you could actually HEAR me chanting/cheering.

    Oh well. Glad you're doing well!