Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Following directions...

Ok so I need some advice.

In my DIY Birdcage Veil kits I state:

♥•♥ During checkout please specify *HAIR COLOR* and choose a:
• COMB (METAL: black or silver / PLASTIC: brown or clear)
• CLIP (to match hair color)
• or BOBBY-PINS (to match hair color)

The words vary sometimes but the jist is the same:

♥ During checkout please specify if you would like a:
• comb (in black or silver metal, brown or clear plastic)
• clip (in black, silver, or red)
• or bobby-pins (in blonds, browns, and black).


♥Please specify if you would like a:
•comb (in black or silver metal, brown or clear plastic
•clip (in black, silver, or red)
•bobby-pin (in blonds, brunettes and black)

Now the problem one EVER says in the message to seller on etsy or paypal what they want. Maybe 1 out of 10 people tell me what they want. For all the other people i email them and ask and wait....sometimes they never respond and I end up just sending it with a variety of hair attachments which costs me extra money.

Any suggestions?


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  1. Would it save money to list a few preset varieties that they can choose from, rather than having them tell you what they want?

    So you'd have the following listings:

    1. Kit 1 (a, b, c)
    2. Kit 2 {a, d, e)
    3 Kit 3 {a, b, f)
    4. et cetera

    (letters are component varieties)

    I know that no matter how hard you try, people are really terrible at making choices without being prodded. Then they get mad when you weren't able to read their mind (this happens to me at work).

    The solution is to just give them a few predetermined choices that satisfy the common denominator, and then some custom options (ask you directly) for the exceptional customer.

    It might not be an ideal solution, but customers are rarely ideal problems.

  2. I agree with Spreggo. I don't really what else you can do. Maybe when you offer custom orders, have a big stipulation clause dealio in all caps like

    FOR CUSTOM ORDERS: To complete your order, please include your preferences in the Message to Seller during checkout. If I do not receive your preferences, your order will ship with these X,Y,Z.

    And Spreggo wins my best advice of the month award for this little gem!!!
    "It might not be an ideal solution, but customers are rarely ideal problems."


  3. OOps, meant to say *Don't really KNOW what else you can do.