Monday, August 17, 2009

What I learned last week.

I'd like to start doing a post every Monday called "What I learned last week" which will be filled with my "learning form mistakes" tips, frustrations and so on.

So, what did I learn last week?

Craft Shows
  • You should try to find out what the average age is for a certain show because it may not mesh well with your target age group. The craft show that I was in on Sunday had a much older crowd than my intended age group which meant that I only sold 3 things and traded 1.
  • Sometimes networking is more valuable than sales. Even though I didn't make a lot of sales i met a few people who want me in their future shows.
  • Always pack a lunch. Pretty self explanatory!
  • The most important thing, hand down, for an accessories person like me....listing new items. Not renewing, not social networking, not any of that. Just listing new items every day as often as possible. When i list, I make money, when i just renew, I don't make jack!
  • When you purchase a showcase spot it is not grabbing items from your featured starred list. There is a whole other list which populates automatically with the last 10 items that you listed or renewed. Unless you go in an manually change the purchased showcase list of items you might be showcasing a whole bunch of old renews.
Things I hope to learn (not through mistakes) this week
  • If people price their items differently between their online shops and their craft shows.
  • If Ebay is a good place to sell handmade items
  • If a destash shop will bring me sales.
What did YOU learn this week?

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  1. I love this idea! And since you are blogging about it, you are LESS likely to make the same mistakes again :)

    I learned last week that i need a break every now and again to jump start my creativity! I also really enjoy making something JUST FOR FUN! Today i am working on a create crochet team (etsy team) challenge and it has a carrot theme! yup- just for fun!

  2. Hi Karen - Thanks for the comment! I agree with the doing stuff just for fun idea. I quilt or make plushies when I need a jump start.

    Will you come back with a link to the results of your carrot theme challenge? I would love to see pictures!

  3. You are so right about making new items. Unfortunately my mojo has left me for the time being - sure hope it comes back.

  4. I learned a more simple but effective way to brew tea this time around, to bring more food, how to set up my table, that i briought too much crap, (literally crap).. Teneisha, I priced my items higher than my online shop.. I dont know if that was a bad idea, but i did it, and i will probably do it again