Thursday, August 13, 2009

Craft Show Preperations

So...I have a craft show on Sunday. And then another on Wednesday and another at the end of the month. This week I have been frantically trying to finalize my plans for canopy/table/chair/lighting and so on. The reason its been sort of frantic is for a few reasons. The first show is indoor and i only need a table and chair. However the others are at night outside and during the day outside. So If I'm going to buy a canopy deal I better get the right size folding table now instead of having to buy another one down the road.

So i searched and searched for canopy's and did some measurements and holy cow a 10x10 canopy is WAY too big for me. I am a small person selling small items. :D

Eventually I settled on a 60x60 inch canopy (5x5 feet) and a 47 inch long table. I also went and bought a money box, receipt pads, table cloths and a mini calculator.

What makes me very happy is that now that I have all this stuff...I wont need to get it again! For the rest of the summer, Fall and Winter I can use this same stuff and all I have to worry about is making more fascinators! yahoo!

Anyone else preparing for craft shows for the first time?

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