Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'll just keep doing what works - creating and listing

So...this craft show, which was a really cool set up, was still not profitable for me.

Maybe craft shows are not my key to success. That's ok. I'll keep all my stuff for the big Holiday Hit List show in December and then maybe ill just sell it all as one big package - "perfect set up for craft shows, table, chair, canopy and lights"

For now I guess I'll just keep doing what works -
creating and listing.

Oh and by the way - I have been going nuts with twitter lately. I have something like 325 followers so far and Ive been twittering multiple times a day. Well guess what...I haven't gotten any hits from twitter! What the? The funny part is that when i was using my personal twitter account for marketing i had way more hits from it.

Live and learn, Live and learn. jeez!

This picture makes everyone crack up.
Sorry for the quality, it was taken with a camera phone.

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