Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ostrich Feathers ARE NOT Ethical.

Did you know that Ostrich feathers can NOT be collected ethically? The worst of the ways to obtain ostrich feathers is to hand pluck each feather one by one from the socket while the bird is alive and immobilized. Nine months later, once all the feathers have grown back, the bird goes through the process again - for their entire lives. 

Cruelty-Free feathers from other birds, like the ones I use, are picked off the ground after the birds drop them during seasonal molting which most birds do on their own. I make sure that I only buy from sellers who have happy free range birds. Most of my suppliers even post pictures of their happy birds laying around on the porch in the sun like a family dog!

Buy Cruelty Free!

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  1. Poor guys :( Someone should pluck out the farmers hair every time it grows back.

  2. hehe i agree. I mean look at that little baby ostrich! I just want to put him in my hoodie and carry him around like a pet dog!

    Too cute to pluck!

  3. I'm looking for faux ostrich feathers. Does such a thing exist?