Sunday, October 04, 2009

A few things you prolly don't know about me:

I am a vegetarian. In fact I am a octo-vegetarian which means I eat eggs but no meat or dairy.

I'm kind of a nerd. I love Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Star Trek, apocolypse anything, NPR and reading.

I like anything that is pumpkin pie scented or flavored.

I have 4 big tattoos and 6 total.

I love pretty much any hot beverage.

I have a plate with 6 screws in my left arm.

My favorite flower is freesia.

I don't have a favorite color.

I am 29 years old.

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  1. You look really cool in the picture!

  2. Thank you! My sister in law is a photographer and had my husband and I in her studio for some photo lessons. I was the model. hehe.

  3. Too cool! Yay for nerds. What happened to your arm?

  4. I was in a really bad car accident when I was 21. I was on my way to work and got hit by a mac truck. The kind that carry half's of houses? I went through a corner of the house. I don't remember anything and was in the hospital for 6 days. Had to quit my job and school and go through physical therapy. Fun stuff.

    I had even more hardware in my arm but had some of it taken out a few years later.