Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1 Step at a Time....

So it seems that my shops are finally starting to pick back up after having a slow month following my 2 week vacation mode. I have definitely been spending more money than i am making as well with all the new changes and trying to roll out new styles and such.

However, i think the initial investment phase is over and now i can start getting new stuff out there. I'm getting a tad worried that all of this might not happen fast enough and i may end up having to get a real job...again. boo.

Ive been lightly considering getting a micro loan for advertising...Just bumping my budget for my ebay ad on google adwords from $2 to $4 a day made a huge difference...so imagine what $50 a day would do. I think that is getting a bit ahead of things but you know what i mean.

I don't know i think i am just in that place of - what happens next. I had a steady flow of income, a legal small business and all that good stuff in California. Here in Georgia I have not even gotten my drivers license yet never the less registered my business.

1 step at a time I guess.

I hope you are all well!

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  1. i wouldnt worry too much about registering your business,. i still have not done that, and i make a full time living off it! but i guess i can do it since i have the restaurant as my back up.. but once i quit, i will have to. i also have to get insurance, which i dont want to do... but in order to get insurance i must have a dba.. so u see.. i agree, one thing at a time

  2. Yah - My big reason for having a tax ID is the discounts I get from vendors. I save a lot of money by having a valid ID...