Saturday, December 05, 2009

Holiday Hit List

So I have a big show this weekend- The Holiday Hit List. There are 75 vendors, a fashion show and djs. There was a HUGE turn out last year so hopeful we will get the same this year.

In preparation I have been slowly making hair pieces and not taking the time to list them in etsy but instead just putting them in my craft show box. I counted today and i have 131 pieces, new and old. If I don't sell anything I am going to have a LOT of new stuff to put up in my shop!

This will most likely be my last craft show in CA. It has not been very profitable for me and i dont have much time these days. So I will be selling all my supplies (tent, tables, chair, etc) sometime very soon.

So wish me luck and if any of your are in the area, stop by!

Love, Teneisha aka 10eisha

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